Oaktree Retirement Village, Mt Louisa


concept landscape masterplan


The plant palette of Oaktree Retirement Village has been selected to showcase plants of the dry tropics that have a high quality aesthetic and support increased ecological activity. With the specific intent of attracting honey eater birds, the streetscape will provide a pleasant atmosphere to live as well as be utilized as a part of an active lifestyle strategy “Honeyeater Circuit”. Oak Tree retirement villages support an active, engaged lifestyle for their residents. The “Honeyeater Circuit” provides an opportunity for groups or individuals to walk a 400m loop that is marked and measured. The plant palette of the streetscape will enhance the experience, enabling people to bird spot and watch the gardens grow over time. The circuit also provides the opportunity for social interaction and community ownership.

South Pacific Lodge, New Farm


concept landscape masterplan


The refurbishment to the shared outdoor space for South Pacific Lodge aimed to increase the usable space and create a pleasant atmosphere to the 20 unit complexes pool area. Being situated adjacent to the carparking area, it required a division of spaces and softening to it’s edges. Vertical shade structures provided extra shade, visual interest and physical protection. A very low maintenance landscape will ensure the area is kept looking it’s best without adding burden to the body corporate. The improvements delivered a high value asset for the on-site owners and the investor owners.


Lyon Street, Moorooka


concept landscape plan for development assessment;  detailed design


Lyon Street is a boutique unit development in inner-suburban Brisbane that took special care to stand out from the pack. The original homestead was retained, refurbished and built into the new unit development, to seamlessly integrate the old with the new, with sensitivity to the street heritage and character. With a high yield of 13 units, the landscape used a native palette to give a green buffer to the adjacent properties and to the street. The only deviation from native species was the inclusion of herb gardens for each of the courtyards and in the raised vegetable gardens provided for each unit. The client was keen to create a development that fostered community interactions and gave pleasant outlooks. With and elevated position, care was taken to frame views to the city, while also providing screening from neighbouring balconies.