St Mary's Primary School, Ipswich


landscape concept design; detailed documentation


This heritage listed site in the heart of Ipswich is to be refurbished to provide the senior school students with an active play area. Care has been taken to compliment the heritage aspects of the site, emphasising the architecture with symmetry and view framing. The design also brings bold play elements into the forecourt that will appeal to the adventurous spirits of the children.

Kids Early Learning Centre, Northlakes, Underwood & Rochedale


landscape concept design


FRED St is involved with multiple sites for Kids Early Learning Centres. These range from the refurbishment of existing sites to brand new centres. Each site is treated as a unique place, incorporating the Reggio Emilia philosophy through exploration and discovery. The incorporation of nature play and natural materials where children are encouraged to delve deeper into their interests. One of the fundamental principles of Reggio Emilia is the ‘children form an understanding of themselves and their place in the world through their interaction with others’ and that the environment is ‘the third teacher’. Open spaces with free form clutter, filled with natural light and beauty form the backbone for the design, where authentic materials are used to encourage children to delve deeper into their interests. An important element of this space creation is the involvement of children and adults in its care and nurturing evolution.

Chinchilla State Primary School, Qld


landscape concept design; detailed documentation


The refurbishment of the external playground of Chinchilla State Primary School aimed to create a durable, fun space for the prep-Yr2 students. The landscape concept arranged the site into distinguishable spaces to allow activities to be in suitably protected areas, with paths and an adventure/nature trail weaving the spaces together, both aesthetically and practically.  A high degree of visual permeability and flexibility was desirable to facilitate easy surveillance and for a multitude of possible activities.

Julia Cumming's Community Childcare Centre, Graceville


landscape concept design; detailed documentation


The refurbishment of the external playground within Graceville’s Julia Cumming Community Childcare Centre aimed to set up a structure that arranged the area into distinguishable spaces to allow activities to be in suitably protected areas with an adventure/nature trail weaving the spaces together. A high degree of permeability and flexibility was desirable. The shady character that exist is to be built upon with the inclusion of a mature tree in the extended decking area. A new swing set, 2 sandpits and little discovery play elements are provided. To give the nursery protection form the early morning sun, a custom trellis screen was designed. This screen also becomes an interactive art piece, with opportunity for the children to tie hand casts into the screen. Making a memento that can be taken with them as the leave the nursery, showing how much they’ve grown.



Nanango Court House Refurbishment


landscape concept design; detailed documentation


The Nanango Court House is currently being extended and refurbished with the inclusion of improved grounds and public rotunda. A traditional style compliments the existing architecture with heritage species like Poincianas and Grevillea standards used in specific locations. These key species will define the building’s landscape, providing a dignified setting for the heritage building. To compliment the new rotunda, trellises of Bleeding Hearts are provided. This will partially screen the rotunda from the adjacent playground and provide a serene seating node for waiting clients.



Lead Childcare, Caboolture


landscape concept design; detailed documentation


This project demonstrates FRED St’s value of connecting children with nature in a way that results in an increase in environmental knowledge and higher social and emotional functioning, especially in self-esteem, calculated risk taking and confidence. As well as integrated nature play this childcare centre boasts several play units, sand pits, vegetable planter boxes, a water feature made using recycled elements and facilities for innovative, holistic outdoor learning. Outdoor areas for early childhood care has certainly changed in recent times and FRED St has been pleased to be a part of this exciting change.


St Mary's Catholic Primary School, Beaudesert


Landscape concept design; detailed documentation


The aim was to produce a ‘beautiful picture’, combining the use of active open play space for the school children and the spill out gathering space for the church. The buildings were used as focal points. For the church (circa 1900) flower beds and tree clumps are placed in curved forms, mimicking natural lines and graceful patterns of vegetation emphasise the spaces created. A private garden trail under a sentinel Hoop Pine provides an ideal place for a columbarium, and a large turfed area for larger gatherings. The view to the McAuley building (circa 1920) is emphasised with the flagpoles, planters and pavement treatment all reinforcing it’s art deco architecture. Two pines emphasise the verticality of the building and act as an entry marker for it’s visitors. The project included gardens, handball courts, raised deck/viewing areas and shade.