our team

Lead by Tessa Leggo, our small team of highly skilled professionals are determined to provide the combined product of functional landscapes and creative outcomes.

Tessa Leggo

Director & Registered Landscape Architect


Tessa is a passionate Landscape Architect with extensive experience in the design of public open spaces, urban multi-use, residential communities and transport infrastructure. She has worked within local government, in Dubai, UAE, and in multi-disciplinary firms where she had the opportunity to work on high profile, large scale projects.


Tessa has had extensive experience in the design and documentation of play experiences, from small scale to multi-million dollar projects. Tessa was the lead designer on the winning Cairns connect bid for the Cairns Bruce Highway Upgrade; was the Urban Design lead for the Eastern connection works on the winning Transcity Legacy Way Bid; and was Urban Design lead for the Airport Link, Bowen Hills precinct, and Airport Roundabout Upgrade Projects.


Currently completing the detail design for the Heritage Listed site of Bremer TAFE, she’s involved in the delivery of interpretive design for this historical site. She has significant experience working in multi-disciplinary teams integrating innovative and creative urban design and community outcomes within complex engineering designs.