Kingsford Smith Drive Upgrade Reference Design, Hamilton


concept reference design & documentation; infrastructure landscape / urban design masterplanning; site analysis & SWTC development


FRED St is a part of the team engaged by BCC to provide the reference design for this landmark infrastructure project. Responsible for all of the elements involved in a Landscape and Urban Masterplan, we are carefully weaving Urban Design imperatives into the future development of Kingsford Smith Drive. We aim to set the stage for a world class facility for Brisbane to enjoy. A unique approach to setting the parameter for the urban design expectation for iconic infrastructure process, FRED St has pioneered a performance based assessment criteria that will ensure the urban design objectives are at the forefront of design development. Ultimately providing Brisbane City Council with the platform that delivers on community benefit and public realm improvements, intertwined with a smart civil solution.

Newmarket & Alderly Trainstations, Queensland


landscape concept design; detailed documentation


A part of Queensland Rail Station Accessibility Program, FRED St has delivered the detail documentation for Landscape Works for the Newmarket and Alderly train stations. An efficient design that upgrades the aesthetic and improves the intuitive wayfinding that fits within the project budget.

ANZAC Memorial Avenue Reinstatement, Petrie to Kallangur


street tree masterplan


To mark the Centenary of ANZAC in 2015, 100 street trees have been proposed, to be placed between the North’s Leagues Club at Petrie and the East end of Kallangur Central. The site is on a State Heritage Register and is currently maintained by the Department of Main Roads (DMR). Design constraints considered for the roadway project included road alignment, services (namely electricity), pedestrian facility, remaining heritage trees, safety standards and sight lines. A visual document was created exploring these constraints and containing extensive research, resulting in a detailed conceptual masterplan of the proposed tree locations.

Airport Link - Southern Connection, Brisbane


infrastructure urban design; landscape design; detailed documentation; contract administration

(works completed by T. Leggo whilst employed by RPS)


Signature portal entries, noise walls and ventilation facilities along with the creation of new land bridges for park space and the integration of existing and new public realm into the design. A high level of co-ordination between urban design and the engineering teams are the hallmarks of this project, as well as the design development of significant elements of this landmark infrastructure project, where visitors “arrive” into the city of Brisbane.

Airport Roundabout Upgrade - Airport Link, Brisbane


infrastructure urban design; landscape design; documentation; contract administration

(works completed by T. Leggo whilst employed by RPS)


Both the landscape and urban design was provided for the airport roundabout upgrade. The infrastructure urban design included input on the visual outcome of the bridge structure and the integration of the utilities within in the site. Focus was given to clutter reduction and creating a clean, sleek look. WSUD was also developed at this site, to naturally irrigate beneath the bridge structure.



Cairns Bruce Highway Upgrade


infrastructure urban design; landscape design; detailed documentation

(works completed by T. Leggo whilst employed by RPS)


This project included all of the landscape and infrastructure urban design. The integration of necessary civil elements with gateway and aesthetic improvement opportunities was a major characteristic of this bid winning design. The major gateway, the ‘wave’ was to be a noise barrier that marks of entrance to Cairns, framing the view of the city and coastline. Also contributing to the outcome were multiple wetlands to capture the road run-off, densely treed embankments, cycle and pedestrian facilities, a substantial cut embankment and various other landscape features.


Legacy Way Bid Phase


project visioning; optioneering; infrastructure urban design; landscape design; detailed documentation

(works completed by T. Leggo whilst employed by RPS)


A hugely successful bid that placed major importance on the urban design outcome, with participation in value engineering and optioneering workshops within the bid phase to ensure the best design outcome was presented. Close communication with the engineering team was vital and very successful.