Our team of highly skilled professionals are determined to provide the combined product of functional landscapes and creative outcomes in a socially responsible context.

FRED St was started in 2014 and in that time we have been lucky enough to receive a number of industry awards:

AILA Qld Award for Excellence 2016 - Infrastructure
L&UD Masterplan - KSD Reference Design & Framework

Australian Urban Design Awards 2016 Urban Design, Policies, Programs and Concepts – Large Scale, Commendation
L&UD Masterplan - KSD Reference Design & Framework

AILA Qld Award for Excellence 2017 - Community Contribution
Yeronga State School - Cool School Review

AILA Qld Regional Achievement Award 2018
Oakey Creek Linear Corridor

AILA Qld Regional Achievement Award 2019
TRC TRSC Entry Statements Masterplan

AILA Qld Landscape Architecture Award 2020 - Small Projects
Flower St Offices

AILA Qld Award for Excellence 2022 - Small Projects
Carol Park - Shared Path Link

FRED St Team

Tessa Leggo

The boss lady

Tessa is a passionate Landscape Architect with extensive experience in the design of public open spaces, urban mixed-use, sporting fields, residential communities and transport infrastructure. She has worked locally and internationally within both the government and private sectors. Having had the opportunity to work on high profile, large scale projects, she has significant experience working in multi-disciplinary teams integrating innovative and creative urban design and community outcomes within complex engineering designs. She is the current AILA Queensland Chapter President and is a strong voice within industry, advocating for a greener, more sustainable future for all of our communities.

Tom Wilmott

Registered Landscape Architect
Is in very good shape

Tom’s knowledge spans across a broad range of projects in scale and complexity. From concept to construction, he has worked on projects in the residential, commercial, industrial, educational, aged care, environmental and major transport infrastructure sectors. Tom’s interest in landscape architecture stems from a desire to create better living environments and has developed particular passions around subtropical design; best practice design in aged care facilities for residents with dementia; using native flora to celebrate the unique character; and ecological restoration. He heads the Glindemann Park Bushcare Group where he can bring his practice and passion together.

Amy Trotman

Landscape Architect

Amy has a passion for public space activation and collaborative processes. Strong relational skills and strategic thinking has allowed Amy to work in a broad range of roles in community and government sectors, including project management, event planning, community development and public space activation. Amy values broad stakeholder engagement, developing processes and outcomes that address local issues, build capacity and celebrate local identity. She sees Landscape Architecture’s role in supporting community development through people-centred design. Amy is a Landscape Architect with experience in local and regional parks, streetscapes, environmental parks; as well as residential and commercial projects.

Travis Schreiber

Landscape Architect
Has Mother Earth Gaia on speed dial

Travis is a Landscape Architect with design and documentation experience ranging from school outdoor learning and play areas to streetscapes, retail centres, and parks. During his time at FRED St, Travis has undertaken a broad spectrum of tasks within the design process, from concept sketching, graphics, 3D models, and through to detailed documentation. Travis has a keen eye for the details, able to put intricate design responses into a project that elevates the outcomes from the ordinary, to something unique. Always in keeping with the place, its people and its natural environment.

Ellis Johnston

Landscape Technician
With his hair out, he looks like a knight

Having recently graduated, Ellis is quickly solidifying his studies into practical experience. He is competently documenting a range of projects and beginning to apply his interest in fabrication and mechanics in the development of construction details for bespoke structures and play items. Ellis loves to adventure across our beautiful piece of the world and looks to integrate a light touch, exploring the environmentally responsible aspects of design. His vision is being able to provide a fully functional development that has a zero negative impact.

Dave Fisher

Landscape Technician
Quinoa forever

Currently completing his studies in Landscape Architecture, Dave is a long term FRED that supports the team with his documentation skills. Having a history in the hospitality industry, Dave brings a level of understanding to spatial requirements and the experience of the users. He’s extending his knowledge of local plants, getting a real feel for how to arrange plant palettes into a softscape design that gives each project it’s own character and visual interest. Water plays an integral part to all landscapes, and through his studies, Dave is exploring what this means to the future of our industry and lifestyles.